Pacifica Stellar Gaze Mascara Video Review

Pacifica Stellar Gaze Mascara in Stardust

I’ve been looking for some mascara that is long lasting and non-toxic. I found Pacifica’s Mascara in the organics section of my local Fred Meyer Grocery Store. It can also be purchased on if you click on the photo.

Pacifica Stellar Gaze Mascara in Stardust brown

Packaging: 10 out of 10

The artwork on the box and the actual tube is really pretty. The tube has an easy twist top cap and it’s easy to pull the brush out without having to wipe off a lot of excess product.

Quality: 10 out of 10

I looked up every ingredient on Pacifica’s mascara on EWG skin deep, and was pleasantly surprised when I saw that none of the ingredients had a number over three. Since the ratings go up to 10, (very dangerous) I wasn’t too worried about the one ingredient that had a 3 especially since all of the other ingredients had ratings of 0 or 1.

The mascara has a nice thick consistency that coats my lashes evenly and makes them look nice and long. It doesn’t flake off my lashes onto my face even if I wear it all day!

Ease Of Use:  9 out of 10

The brush is really big! Bigger brushes aren’t as easy for me to use as smaller ones are. It’s difficult for me to use bigger brushes and I even poked my eye! However, the brush evenly applies the product on my lashes and makes them look soft and long.

Price: 9.5 out of 10

$14.00 is only a little bit more expensive  than mascara from Maybelline or Revlon and it’s way better for you. It has no toxic chemicals in it and it’s made in Portland Oregon.

Overall: 9 out of 10

I’m really pleased with this mascara. It has great ingredients, has a beautiful effect and is long lasting! I would definitely recommend Pacifica’s Mascara to anyone looking  for a healthy mascara.

Hi, Tabitha here with and today I’m going to be doing a review of Pacifica’s Natural mineral lengthen and strengthen Mascara. Now the mascaras are called “stellar gaze mascara,” which is kind of fun and it has some celestial type of drawings on the package which I think is pretty. Anyway, the shade that I have is the brown. They come in brown and black but I don’t usually wear black mascara because I find that sometimes it’s just a little bit too stark for me. Brown is kind of a soft look, and because I have blue eyes, I like to wear brown makeup because it brings out my eyes and makes them the center of my face.

The first thing is the packaging; and first of all, it’s really pretty! See, here’s the box, its got some really pretty artwork on there the font is nice; big and easy to read. The side kind of tells you a little bit about the mascara, it says that it has long wear which I was interested in because I wanted a long wear mascara. I love the back because it gives you all of the ingredients. So you can look them up and you can know that the mascara is good for you or if it’s terrible for you! I like it when companies put the ingredients of their products on the package so that you can see it.

Now the tube of mascara is nice too, it’s a little bit smaller than I thought it was going to be.  Here I’ll show you.  See, it’s not a super big tube of mascara, and I think it was either $10 or $14, I can’t remember which. Which isn’t much more than regular drug store mascara, that you would get from Maybelline or anything like that and it’s way better for you. The tube has matching font.

What I though was interesting when I opened it was how big the brush was. Now it says that it’s for lengthening and I guess the big fat brushes like that are better for lengthening than the smaller brushes are. It’s not thickening mascara, it doesn’t make my eyelashes make my lashes look thick and bushy or anything like that. Which is good, but the kind of mascara I usually use is thickening mascara. But this is good too! And it made my lashes really nice and soft. When I applied it, my lashes looked really long and soft and the mascara was evenly applied across them. The only thing about the big brush is that I poked my eye! Because it’s so big and I’m not used to using big brushes, so that wasn’t the best for me. But if you are used to using big brushes then it would be just fine for you. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of the big brush eventually.

Pacifica Stellar Gaze Mascara in Stardust brown

The ingredients in the mascara are awesome. I kind of mentioned them before, I looked the mascara up on which has rating for the different toxicity and danger ratings for different materials in cosmetics. They didn’t have the actual mascara rating on the website so what I did was look up each ingredient individually, and they all had really low ratings of either a 0 or a 1. Which is awesome because that means there is zero to little danger! One of the ingredients did have a rating of three, but it goes up to ten so it’s still really not that bad. Not as good as having a zero or a one, but it’s not bad. The ingredient that had the three rating is called sodium benzoate. I don’t really know what that is but, I’m not too worried about it since everything is pretty low.

It does have coconut oil in it! Which is awesome; coconut oil is a huge thing and it’s good for you. It’s good for your hair, your eyelashes and your skin, pretty much everything. Now the box did say that it is long wear which I was really interested in because some of the mascara that I’ve tried out before, has flaked off and left little flakes of mascara under my eyes here. And that is not good, because it makes me look really tired after about an hour of wearing it. I want my mascara to stay on my eyes. I wore it pretty much all day yesterday, and it didn’t do that at all, and I didn’t take it off until like, 11:00 in the evening.

I would rate this mascara a 9 out of 10. Half a point off for the size of the brush at least for me; because it’s a little bit difficult for me to use,  but I’m sure that it will be okay once I use it more and get the hang of it once I use it a little bit more. And half a point off because of the ingredient that’s just a little bit higher than the rest of them.

But for the most part, this mascara is awesome; it’s vegan, it’s cruelty free, it’s made in the United States, it’s made in Portland. Which is awesome I was reading on their website that you could even go to their storefront and see how they make the stuff there. I thought that was cool.

So yeah! Thank you for your time. Be sure to check out some of our other videos on and read some of our articles!

By Tabitha

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