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How to Use a Regular Blender to Make Green Smoothies

Green smoothies can definitely be made in a regular blender. Most green smoothies will turn out great in your regular blender and I encourage you to try some tips and get started on making healthy, nutrition packed smoothies a part…

Why I Should Care About GMOs?

What is a GMO? By Cynthia DeWitte The acronym GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. Two related acronyms are GE (genetically engineered) and GM (genetically modified). All GMOs are unnatural and should be considered dangerous. GMOs are genetically altered in…

Whole Foods and Real Foods: Part 4 of the Good Health Series

By Cynthia DeWitte Flavorful foods that satisfy hunger are an important component of food selection, but eating is about more than satisfying taste or about quieting hunger. Along with these things, it is important to make sure what we put into our bodies…

Green Tea Cooler: Smoothie

By Cynthia DeWitte Studies show promise for a long list of health benefits from drinking green tea, some of which include cancer prevention, cancer fighting, and cholesterol reduction. It has shown promise as an anti-diabetic, antibacterial, anti-viral and even anti-cavity.…

Arms and Back Workouts

This is the arms portion of a routine I do three days per week. The other three days, I do this workout. On the days I do arms, I start with a warm-up, then do arms, shoulders, abs, and butt…