Simple Lego® Travel Box Project

Lego box

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My husband received a commission as an Active Duty Navy Chaplain. We were living in Western Washington State when we received orders to Quantico, Virginia. The movers arrived and packed up all of our belongings. My husband and the oldest child traveled to Virginia separately.

I would be travelling with my aunt and five children ages from 2- 13 years old. Our trip would take about 10 days and we would cover more than 3,000 miles. I needed something to keep the kids occupied!

We had a DVD player, a couple of hand held games and books, cards, etc. The boys really love Lego®  so I began to search for a way they could bring some along and keep track of them. Pinterest to the rescue!

I found some great ideas and modified them to work for us.  Click here to see the original pin that inspired my travel box.

I found similar boxes at Consumer Crafts, but latched wooden boxes should be available at most craft stores. We already owned some base plates and they just needed to be cut. I also picked up some Elmer’s spray adhesive.


1 wooden box with a latch that will stay tightly closed.

plain box showing latch edited

Flannel, enough to cover inside of box. This depends on the size of the box.

Lego®  base plate(s)

Lego®  blocks

Heavy duty scissors

Spray adhesive

As you can see from the photos, this was done outside. Be sure to spray adhesive in a well-ventilated area.

  • Measure and cut flannel to fit the inside of the box.

open box showing felt


  • Spray the inside of the box with adhesive spray. Press flannel to the sides and bottom of the box. 
  • Use scissors to cut the base plates to the correct size. If necessary, cut more than one to cover the entire top of the box.

glue and scissors

  • Spray the box lid and the bottom of the base plate with adhesive, then quickly press base plate to top of box and apply pressure. I placed a rock on top to keep the pressure constant. A few heavy books would also work well for this purpose. If you use books, I recommend putting plastic wrap between the books and the lid to make sure any excess adhesive doesn’t attach the books to the lid.

Base glued to box top

  • Once dry, fill with Legos®.

The boxes worked very well and were a lifesaver on the trip. If you are looking for activities that are fun and quiet to keep children busy and happy while traveling, these boxes are a good sanity saver for everyone.

These boxes would be a handy thing to have for short trip, long trips, trips in the car, trips on an airplane, waiting in the doctor’s office or any number of times when it is good to have something to hold a child’s interest and keep their hands busy. They are small enough to keep on in your car or van all the time.

My daughter also had a box, which she chose to make into a letter-writing center. She filled it with cards, paper, stamps and envelopes.

By Christina Robinson

Christina Robinson is a busy homeschool mom and military wife of a Navy Chaplain. Crafting usually takes a backseat to Christina’s other pursuits as a director and team leader for  Classical Conversations Community and homeschooling  her active children. She loves  to support and encourage other moms in their efforts to educate their children. To check out her blog (click here). Christina shares some wonderful and moving thoughts and stories on her blog that are sure to be a blessing and encouragement whatever you may be facing.

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