Arms and Back Workouts

This is the arms portion of a routine I do three days per week. The other three days, I do this workout. On the days I do arms, I start with a warm-up, then do arms, shoulders, abs, and butt along with stretches.

Do these exercises at your own risk. does not endorse any fitness routine. We simply share this for your enjoyment and information. If you are injured doing any of these exercises, we cannot be held liable. Anything you do has an element of danger from driving a car to walking down the street. I even burned myself making dinner. So be smart when you exercise. Don’t push yourself beyond your limit, but take it at a pace that your body can handle.

Arms Workout

Update 1-27-18: Unfortunately the video I was using for arms is no longer available, so I suggest you try this one. Her instruction is excellent to help you avoid injury and get results. I have reviewed it and believe that despite being listed for women over 60, these exercises will work for anyone seeking to have firm triceps and to feel comfortable wearing sleeveless tops.



Back Workout