How and Why To Make Magnesium Oil

The majority of Americans are deficient in magnesium. The best way to remedy this situation is through transdermal application of magnesium. Transdermal means through the skin. Spraying magnesium oil on the skin can quickly resolve magnesium deficiency problems. It can also be applied through body butter and lotions infused with magnesium oil.

Magnesium oil is not really an oil. It is a solution of magnesium suspended in liquid, but it looks oily.

For a list of symptoms click here. An internet search will probably yield even more problems caused by low magnesium. There are many symptoms, because magnesium is an important component of every single cell in your body from your brain to your toes and everything in between. It is also a major component of bones and teeth.

Magnesium oil ingredientsMaking magnesium is inexpensive, easy, and quick with almost no mess to clean up.

Magnesium Oil

To make magnesium oil:

1 part magnesium chloride flakes

1 part distilled water, boiling

You can start with ½ a cup of each.

Measure water in a glass measuring cup. Microwave to boiling.

Measure ½ cup of magnesium chloride flakes with a dry measuring cup. When the water boils, add magnesium flakes to boiling water and stir until dissolved. When cooled, pour into a spray bottle. You now have a super simple, cheap and highly effective magnesium supplement.

To use, shake the bottle and spray the magnesium oil onto your skin. Some people find that spraying it on right after they have dried off from a shower works very well. You can rub it in or just let it air dry.

If you can’t easily find it in town, you can order it from This is the same brand that I use.

Distilled water is about a $1 per gallon at the grocery store in my area.

This makes an excellent, natural and non-toxic deodorant spray. You don’t have to use anything else. However, be warned. The first time I did this it felt like I was spraying salt into a wound. It hurt! But only for a couple of minutes, then worked like a charm. Hands down, this is the best deodorant I have ever used. Unlike any other deodorant I have ever heard of, this magnesium oil can increase your health while making your underarms virtually odor free.

When you first start using the magnesium, it may give you a stinging or prickly feeling. This is probably due to being low on magnesium as your blood vessels are literally hungry for magnesium. It shouldn’t last very long and if you use this daily the prickly feeling should go away within a few weeks. Do not let the prickly feeling deter you. Since this likely means that you are low on magnesium, it is especially important to continue so you can bring your magnesium levels up to normal.

It may cause redness in your skin for a while. Like the prickly feeling, this should go away after a few days or a couple of weeks of use. If you start by spraying it on a small portion of skin, like your leg and do that daily until it no longer stings, then you should be able to increase the amount of skin you spray and increase the amount of magnesium oil you are using daily.

I have been reading that some people are spraying it on their toothbrush and brushing their teeth with magnesium oil. There are reports of significant dental health improvements, including whiter teeth. There is also speculation that it can help re-mineralize teeth, which would heal cavities. This is pretty amazing, so I am personally spraying it on my toothbrush along with my toothpaste twice a day. Let me know if you do this and have any dental improvements.

Magnesium oil is good for your skin. You can spray it on after washing your face. Some people say it decreases wrinkles and improves dry skin. Others say that it needs to be washed off after a few minutes. Try it and see what works for you.

If you don’t want to bother making magnesium oil, you can purchase it pre-made. carried a variety of sprays. This one seems to be a good deal:


Learn Why Magnesium Supplementation is Important

By Cynthia DeWitte

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