Magnesium: You Are Probably Deficient

It is estimated that between 60-70% of the U.S. population is magnesium deficient. This deficiency is due mainly to the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet), which is nutritionally deficient. The best source of magnesium is green vegetables, because magnesium is a main plain salad final 2component of chlorophyll. Hardly anyone in America eats enough green vegetables. With Dr. Terry Wahls and others recommending nine cups of vegetables and fruit per day, it is easy to see why so many of us are not getting the necessary amounts of nutrients into our diets. Not only that, but our soil is depleted due to poor fertilization methods that are not high in magnesium.

Apparently magnesium deficiency is difficult to resolve through oral supplements. The best way to increase magnesium and correct deficiency is to supplement transdermally (through the skin).

One of the best ways to get magnesium transdermally is to spray magnesium oil on the skin or to use a body butter that contains magnesium. Magnesium oil is easy and inexpensive to make. Click here for the recipe .

Magnesium oil is not actually an oil. It is called magnesium oil because it looks oily.

You can’t really overdose on magnesium, because the body will flush out too much. It is unlikely that you will get too much by using it transdermally, but if you do, it will cause loose stools. Just back off on how much you are using and that problem will easily resolve.

When you apply magnesium oil, it might sting or feel prickly. This is perfectly normal and probably means that you are low on magnesium. After using it for a while, that feeling will stop.

Magnesium is necessary for enzymatic reactions in cells, so it is an important nutrient for overall health, since every cell in the body is negatively impacted by low magnesium levels. Despite magnesium being a necessary part of every cell in the body, most of the magnesium found in the body is found in the bones. Magnesium is also important for strong teeth.

In situations where magnesium deficiency is the root of a problem, using magnesium oil may actually lead to a cure and completely wipe out symptoms. There is certainly no harm in trying it to see if magnesium will resolve a condition. It will not interfere with any other medications or remedies. If you have any of the symptoms below, why not give magnesium oil a try for a few months and see if it makes any difference.

Here is a list of symptoms that are sometimes a result of magnesium deficiency.

magnesium deficiency symptoms

If you are having any of these symptoms, giving magnesium oil a try might resolve the problem. Not all of these symptoms are always a result of magnesium deficiency. There could be any number of causes for most symptoms that people have. An example would migraine headaches. There are a number of things that can cause migraines from magnesium deficiency to head trauma to allergies and the list goes on. The causes can vary from person to person. We do not pretend to have the answer to every symptom. We simply offer a possibility to consider.

As millions of people know, it can be extremely difficult to pin down the source of many maladies. One thing that is true, however, is that people who eat a healthy diet with plenty of vegetables and no artificial foods are much more likely to be healthy. When diet alone is not enough, supplementation is a good option. This is true of magnesium, since it can be difficult to get enough magnesium in our foods, even when eating a lot of leafy green vegetables.

Sometimes there are no noticeable symptoms at all in those with magnesium deficiency or they have crept up on a person and they don’t even notice that the symptoms they are having are unusual.

People often report having immediate relief of symptoms after transdermal magnesium supplementation. This has even been reported in the case of migraine headaches.  If magnesium deficiency is causing a symptom, it is most effective to use magnesium oil daily to resolve the deficiency and therefore resolve the problem.

Transdermal magnesium sprays can be purchased in the health food section of the grocery store, through and other retailers. It can also be made at home easily and cheaply. A simple spray can be made from magnesium chloride flakes and distilled water. This can be added to lotions and body butters as well.

Magnesium oil spray can also be used as a natural, effective deodorant.

There is even some speculation that magnesium supplementation can help re-mineralize teeth, reduce calcification and help restore bone health. If this is true, it might actually heal cavities.

Epsom salts will not work the same, as they are a different form of magnesium and don’t work for transdermal supplementation.

The good news is that it is cheap and easy to resolve magnesium deficiency through transdermal supplementation and there’s no harm in giving it a try to see if it resolves your issues. Considering that most people reading this are probably low in magnesium, trying transdermal supplementation for a few months to see if it caused any positive changes in health may be worth it for you. For simple instructions click here.How to Make Magnesium Oil Click Here

By Cynthia DeWitte


Recap of some possible symptom of magnesium deficiency:muscle twitching and/or cramps, including menstrual cramping, tooth decay, cavities, yellow teeth, translucent teeth and other oral health problems, digestive issues like loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, constipation, anxiety, cardiac arrhythmia, insomnia, fatigue and/or weakness, body odor, numbness and/or tingling, seizures, personality changes, nail fungus, warts, headaches and migraine headaches
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