Pain Free, by Pete Egoscue: A Review

Pain Free Pete Egoscue stop chronic painIf you are in pain due to musculoskeletal problems, Pain Free by Pete Egoscue could literally change your life. If you read and follow the instructions, it could save you from surgery and bring your body into healing alignment. Not only have I read this book, but I followed the procedures and gained healing over several areas of my body, plus my posture improved significantly. I didn’t even realize I had a posture problem until it was solved!

Egoscue goes into fascinating detail about why problems occur and what to do about them. For anyone in pain, Pain Free brings great hope for healing.

Egoscue states doing the exercises in the book yields a 95% success rate.

The book is divided into sections. It is essential to read the Introduction through Chapter 3 and Chapter 7.

The Introduction explains how to use the book. It is a manual of sorts and it’s important to understand the premise behind it to use it to your best advantage.

Chapters 1-3 explain the basics of the musculoskeletal system and how this book applies to healing the problem you may be having.

Knowing your body and how it works is a key factor in being able to care for your body properly for the best and longest lasting function possible. Pain Free covers how to care for the musculoskeletal system in a clear manner. The instructions and e-cises in this book could have a huge impact on how you feel and how you move. Especially as you age, your mobility can be a significant factor in your overall health and well-being. It can even mean the difference between independent living or having to rely on others for your care.

Pain Free explains the basis of what anyone needs to know to properly follow the section of the book that pertains to her particular issues. “In the first three chapters, I review how the human body is designed to maintain its own health throughout the long lifetime.” Pete Egoscue

Reading these chapters will give context to the exercises and help understand why and how they are supposed to work. This will greatly assist in choosing the correct protocol to follow. The bulk of the book is divided into different areas of the body and contains exercises to resolve the problems. Egoscue calls the exercises e-cises, as in Egoscue exercises.

Chapter 7 is the section on the hips, which Egoscue encourages everyone to read. In Egoscue’s words, “Our hips play a central role in combating chronic pain throughout the body.”

You will learn in the first few chapters how and why your pain may originate in another part of your body causing the body to misalign and the pain to manifest in a completely different place than where you have injury or alignment issues. This is particularly true with the hips, so it is important to read this chapter to evaluate whether that is where the problem originates.

There is a specific chapter for Sports Injuries and Peak Performance.

The final chapter presents a lifetime program for preventing injury and pain. This chapter focuses on keeping the body strong, flexible and properly aligned.

Excellent for performing the exercises listed in the book.

Pain Free is not only fascinating, it is extremely practical in that it explains and provides exercises to address specific issues and how to correct them. For many people, this book will replace physical therapy and could prevent the need for surgery. Egoscue explains why the hips or knees often need to be replaced and shows you exactly what to do to resolve the problem without going under the knife.

This quote from the Introduction of Pain Free sums up the premise of the book.

“Being pain free takes personal effort and commitment. It doesn’t come from a pill bottle, a surgeon’s knife, a brace, or in specially designed mattresses, chairs, and tools.” Pete Egoscue

In my case, I had several issues from my toes, to my knees, to my shoulders. It took a commitment of time and effort to get my body realigned and working properly. After months of doing the e-cises for my issues, my body worked better than it had since childhood.

About 30 years ago, I was in an automobile accident that put me in physical therapy for a year. The accident left my skeleton off balance, even after the physical therapy. That was mostly resolved from doing the e-cises for six months. I stand straighter and my hips are almost even now. Imagine what it could do for a recent injury, rather than waiting for 30 years to correct the problem!

The wonderful thing about this book is that it gets to the root of the pain and resolves it from the point of dysfunction by realigning the body. The e-cises are not difficult. I’ll warn you, however, they are boring. Some of them are so boring you might fall asleep.

To keep myself occupied while lying in the positions for the e-cises, I played Kay Arthur Bible studies (click here for a link) and listened to motivational speaker Tony Robbins (click here for a link) . Not only did my body heal, but my spirit and soul were fed with some great teaching.

If you are having any problems with your joints and muscles working properly, Pain Free is a goldmine of information. If you are thinking surgery is the next step, please take the time to read this book and use the e-cises before making any major decisions. Click here to get your own copy to start on the road to recovery.

Click here for Pain Free


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