Takeya 16oz classic glass water bottle


There are many concerns associated with using plastics to store food and water these days. With summer coming, people are concerned about leaving water bottles in cars to get hot and possibly leach chemicals into the water. The flavor of the water is different in a plastic water bottle than it is in glass or stainless steel. The difference seems to Takeya green 16 oz intensify when heated, such as in a hot car. Flavor comes from chemicals, so it stands to reason that the flavor is from chemicals in the water bottle. For many people, this is cause to have concerns about the safety of drinking water from plastic containers. Glass or stainless steel is a good alternative.

Takeya makes an attractive, slip resistant glass water bottle that solves the flavor issue. After water has been in a hot car in a glass water bottle, the water will be warm, but still fresh tasting and revitalizing. There will be no odd, chemical flavor, as there would be with plastic. Actually there is no plastic taste at all when drinking from this bottle, because there is no plastic to suck on or drink from. The cap comes completely off, so drinking is directly from the bottle.

Each bottle is constructed from sturdy glass, a durable silicone cover and a strong, plastic lid. It is dishwasher safe for ease of care. The silicone cover reduces the slip factor, which is normally a concern for a glass bottle. There is no trouble holding on to the bottle, even when it is wet. Acting as a protective sleeve, the jacket also reduces the chance of breakage if it does happen to be dropped, but it has a see through window to show how much water is left in the bottle. These bright and attractive bottles come in a variety of colors, so a family can identify which bottle belongs to each person. The tough silicone covers the bottle in such a way that it won’t come off, so it isn’t likely to tear.

The drawbacks are that being good, solid glass, it is rather heavy. This isn’t a problem if it is in a cup holder or a stroller, but it would be too heavy to attach to a regular belt and carrying it around on a walk or hike would require some sort of waist pack with a water bottle pouch or a backpack. To avoid drinking from any plastic, the lid has to be removed to drink directly from the glass bottle, but the lid is not attached to the bottle in any way; it has to be removed every time a person takes a drink or set aside from the bottle.

Overall, these are well made, eye-catching, easy to clean bottles. The main benefit of the Takeya glass water bottle is that drinking water out of glass is much nicer than drinking out of plastic, because the water actually tastes better and fresher longer and there is no danger of chemicals leaching into the water. They do cost more than plastic, but they probably last longer and one can be certain they are safe to drink from.

Update, I have had several of these bottles for over a year of extensive use and they are still in excellent condition. Since I like them so much, I have purchased them in various colors and the whole family has used them. You can purchase them through Amazon.com.

By Cynthia DeWitte
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16 Oz Classic Glass Water Bottle with Black Lid and Jacket in Green Apple

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