Two Simple Oil Cleansing Recipes


The Oil Cleansing Method is an all-natural, effective skin care method that leaves your skin feeling hydrated and soft. While it is good for all skin types, the types of oils to use will vary by each skin type. Not all oils are suitable as cleansers, so The Feminine Review is providing two simple, effective recipes to get you going.

The Oil Cleansing Method is often referred to as OCM for short. For more details on how and why this method works so well, please refer to our article Cleansing Naturally With Oil.

Here is the recipe that works well on my aging skin.


Aging Skin Formula

2 oz. sweet almond oil

2 oz. avocado oil

2 oz. pumpkin seed oil

1 tablespoon argan oil

20 drops of tea tree essential oil

10 drops carrot seed essential oil

10 drops niaouli essential oil

8 drops lavender essential oil

Measure all ingredients into a clean jar with a lid. It won’t all fit into a 4 oz. bottle. Mix gently with a spoon. Use a metal funnel to fill a 4 oz. glass bottle.

Buying all the ingredients at once will be an expense, but you will make many batches of this cleanser before you run out of supplies, so the cost will even out in the end. Essential oils last for many years when kept in a cool, dark place.If this is your first purchase from and you purchase supplies from links below, you will receive a discount of $5-10, depending on the total of your order. They have great products, good deals, and fantastic service.

To Purchase Supplies:

Sweet almond oil, avocado oil, pumpkin seed oil, argan oil, tea tree oil, carrot seed essential oil, lavender essential oil

Bottle and pumpStainless steel funnel, glass measuring cup, niaouli essential oil


Teen and Acne Prone Skin Formula

1 oz. jojoba oil

1.5 oz. sweet almond oil

1.5 oz. pure castor oil*

1 tablespoon argan oil

20 drops of tea tree essential oil

10 drop naiouli essential oil

All ingredients can be measured directly into a clean glass jar with a lid. Use a funnel to fill a 4 oz. glass bottle. This makes a little more than will fit into the bottle, so you can store the rest in a the glass jar.

In some cases, this can cure acne problems, because it balances the skin and cleans out the pores. If this alone doesn’t work, then there are other issues going on that need to be addressed, starting with diet. Eat well for healthy skin by cutting back on dairy products and grains and increasing vegetables and natural meats. Adding raw fermented vegetables may help as well.

*Be sure to use castor oil that doesn’t have preservatives.

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jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, tea tree oil, argan oil First time customers of who purchase through this link get a discount.

Bottle and pump, stainless steel funnel, glass measuring cupnaiouli essential oil

For more information about how and why to use the oil cleansing method, click the back button for part 1 of the oil cleansing method.

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By Cynthia DeWitte


Two simple recipes for the all-natural and gentle oil cleansing method. Aging Skin Formula for Mom. The Teen and Acne Formula to help cure acne.

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