3 Steps to Prevent Tooth Decay After Consuming High Acid Foods

3 Steps to Prevent Tooth Decay (2)Warning: This information may shock you. Some of it goes against what you have been taught about oral hygiene, but it could prevent pain and save you thousands of dollars of dental work. Before you brush your teeth again, read on.

There is a big push to drink kombucha, apple cider vinegar, and lemon water. These foods can aid digestion and contribute to a healthy gut, but the acids in these foods, along with citrus fruits, salad dressings, and other high acid foods can cause serious damage to teeth if the acid is left on the teeth. Fortunately it is simple to prevent this from happening, so there is no reason to give up these beneficial foods.

Acids disrupt the enamel on your teeth, which can lead to tooth decay if precautions are not taken. Here are three simple steps to protect tooth enamel.

  1. When drinking or eating high acid foods, consume them in one sitting. Do not sip lemon water, apple cider vinegar, kombucha, or similar drinks throughout the day. Enjoy the entire glass in one sitting. This doesn’t mean you have to drink it straight down. It does mean not to let it sit for an hour or throughout the day. To make this easier, try drinking high acid beverages with a meal. Especially for kombucha and other probiotic elixirs, drinking them with a meal can increase the probiotic activity of the beverage and boost your satisfaction while not holding onto it for a lengthy period of time. Drinking high acid beverages and foods can also aid the digestive process, especially for those who suffer from heartburn or GERD.
  2. Once finished with the drink or food, rinse your mouth with filtered water. Rinse three or four times in a row then drink a glass of water to help produce plenty of saliva. The saliva will help stabilize the tooth enamel. A dry mouth can lead to tooth decay.
  3. Wait at least half an hour after rinsing before brushing the teeth. This will give the enamel a chance to stabilize to avoid damage.

3 Steps to Prevent Tooth DecayThe shocking news: Brushing your teeth immediately after eating could potentially damage your teeth.

It is vital that we keep our enamel intact and strong. We have been commonly taught to brush our teeth immediately after each meal, but the shocking news is that may cause damage to our teeth. Acids and other foods should be swished away by rinsing, so always rinse your mouth after eating and after drinking anything acidic. Wait for at least half an hour to allow the enamel to stabilize before brushing.

This simple precaution could help preserve the enamel on your teeth. Teaching this to children early on will get them into the habit of rinsing their mouths after eating, setting them up for a lifetime of good oral hygiene habits.

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