5 Tips for Painting and Decorating Your Baby’s Nursery

5 Tips for Painting and Decorating Your Nursery

Photo 1Planning and decorating a nursery is an exciting time for every parent. You are not simply designing a room, but you are ultimately creating a home for your baby. Finding time to pick furniture and choose colour palette in between reading parenting books, shopping for strollers, house cleaning, and getting everything done before the baby arrives can be quite overwhelming as well. Not sure where to start? With these basic nursery design tips, the decorating process will be much easier.

1. Choose your furniture and paint together

Many parents jump directly into picking the color palette for the room, before buying the furniture. Although there is nothing wrong in that, this strategy considerably limits your choices. It’s much easier to match the paint to the bedding and furnishings than the other way around. Whether you prefer pastel Nursing Mother baby rocking chairtones, bright colors, or animal prints, there is a wide variety of bed and furniture options available on the market. Make your job easier by creating an inspiration board, where you can collect your furniture and room decor ideas. Strive for pieces that don’t stain easily and allow easy cleaning. After you have your furnishing and bedding selection, choose a paint colour that would go with the theme.

2. Go for flexible decor

Babies grow quicker than you think. Design a room that will grow with your tot. You need a place that is easy to move around and can be changed without repainting or making major changes. Avoid bright pink or the yellow. Keep the room simple as possible. Paint it neutral colors and get furniture that can be repurposed to suit your child’s needs.  If you want to add a personal touch in the nursery, you can use wall decals. They can be removed or replaced when your child gets older.

wall decals in baby's room

3. Be practical

The design of the room should reflect its functions.  The purpose of the nursery is to provide the baby with a place to sleep, play, and relax. You will also spend a lot of time there cleaning, changing diapers, and feeding your baby. Make the room cozy and easy to use.  Ensure you have a specific area to change the baby and enough storage space. It’s worth investing in a quality rocking chair. Just add a couple of photo 2pillows and a blanket where you can snuggle and read to your baby.

4. Create a soothing atmosphere

Use soft and calming color palette to give your nursery a soothing and nurturing feel. Consider delicate shades like lemon yellow, soft beige, and pastel blue. Later, when your children grow up you can change the colour to fit their preferences. Buy wall paints that don’t require a lot of cleaning and maintenance.


5. Add proper lighteningcrib rocking chair baby room

In addition to the soothing shades, you also need soft lighting to enhance the tranquil effect. The lighting is an important, yet often overlooked aspect of the nursery decor. Get quality window treatments to block the light in the morning. Aside from the ceiling light fixtures, you may also have task lighting such as a desk lamp.


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