Non-Toxic Supply Kit For a Naturally Clean House

large bucket for non toxic cleaning supply kitRather than purchasing expensive, often toxic household cleaners, do it yourself with simple, cheap, non-toxic, effective supplies. Almost no mixing is required.

Getting started on safe, non-toxic cleaning will require an initial investment in supplies, but some of these items will probably never need to be replaced and others will last for a long time.

These non-toxic supplies will keep your home smelling and looking fresh and clean. There is no need to use harsh cleaners. These simple, low cost supplies will provide you with everything needed for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces from floors and counter tops to bathtubs and toilets. You can even remove soap scum from showers and tubs.

Natural Cleaning Supply Kit

24 pack of white cotton washcloths  These washcloths can be stored in a large bucket to keep them from getting mixed in with washcloths used for personal hygiene.

Scouring Pads

scouring pads for non toxic cleaning supply kit


<– This is the kind I use. I save money by cutting them into thirds. If you would rather not cut them up,here is a smaller scouring pad. Be sure to purchase general purpose and not heavy duty. Heavy duty may scratch some surfaces.

Scrub brush

Spray bottles Order as many as you need for the kitchen and each bathroom.

2 cheese shakers for sprinkling baking soda  One for the kitchen to wash fruits and vegetables can be kept by the sink. The other is for the bathrooms.

Canister and scoop


Deep Clean Brush Set

2 large buckets One for mopping and carrying water; the other for holding all of the cleaning cloths.

Hydrogen peroxide

1 large bag of baking soda

1 gallon white vinegar

1 gallon apple cider vinegar

Distilled white vinegar and apple cider vinegar are much less expensive to purchase at the grocery store than online.
Distilled vinegar can be found at any grocery store. Real apple cider vinegar may be a bit more difficult to find. The reason I recommend purchasing a gallon is: Apple cider vinegar can be used for many things in the kitchen, including salad dressings, drinks, and cleaning produce. Distilled white vinegar can be used for many cleaning applications, so it’s handy to have a full spray bottle in the kitchen and each bathroom. WARNING: Most apple cider vinegar at the store is not real apple cider vinegar. It is white vinegar with apple flavoring. Read the label. If it is not real apple cider vinegar, it is a waste of money. Flavored apple cider vinegar will list distilled vinegar and flavor and should not be purchased.

Dr. Bronner liquid castile soap for non toxic cleaning supply kitLiquid Castile Soap

Hydrogen peroxide

Tea tree essential oil

Chose one or more of the following:
Peppermint essential oil

Lemon essential oil

Lime essential oil

Orange essential oil

Lavender essential oil
When essential oils are kept tightly closed and in a cool, dark place, they will last for many years.

The entire kit or a combination of these items would make an excellent bridal shower gift for an upcoming wedding.

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Rather than purchasing expensive, often toxic household cleaners, do it yourself with simple, cheap, non-toxic, effective supplies. Very little mixing or work is required. Simple, inexpensive and easy to diy.