Recipe for Mildly Scented Vinegar and Essential Oil Cleaner

Tea Tree Oil Mildly Scented Vinegar and Essential Oil Cleaner



This simple recipe can replace your heavy duty and anti-bacterial household cleaners. It takes about two minutes to make. Many people find it difficult to use vinegar as a cleaner due to the strong odor. Adding essential oils to distilled white vinegar solves the problem and increases cleaning power.



Mildly Scented Vinegar and Essential Oil Cleaner

• 2 cups distilled white vinegar

• ¼ – ½ tsp choice of essential oil – see below

• ¼ tsp tea tree essential oil (optional)


Lemon Essential Oil mildly scented vinegar and essential oil cleanerPour vinegar into a spray bottle.

Choose an essential oil with a scent that you enjoy. I used peppermint, but some other popular scents are lemon, lime, orange, pine, or lavender.

Add ¼ tsp. of desired essential oil. If the scent is not strong enough to adequately reduce the vinegar odor, add another ¼ tsp of essential oil. Tea tree essential oil will also reduce the strong vinegar odor, so adding ¼ tsp of tea tree and ¼ tsp of another essential oil will sufficiently decrease the vinegar scent.

Tea tree essential oil is a powerful germ killer without harsh chemical additives. It will not produce drug resistant strains of bacteria or viruses (aka: super bugs). All essential oils have germ killing properties, but tea tree oil is the gold standard. It not a necessity to use it to still make an excellent cleaner, but it does add an extra disinfecting boost without the problems associated with harsh cleaners and commercial anti-bacterial products.

There is no more need for chemical anti-bacterial and harsh cleaning products. This solution is non-toxic, safe, and effective. When used along with hydrogen peroxide, it will kill just about any germs without toxic results to people. To see how this works and how to use it to disinfect everything from the toilet to toothbrushes with one cheap, non-toxic solution click here to read How to Safely and Effectively Disinfect Your Home.

Use Mildly Scented Vinegar and Essential Oil Cleaner on mirrors, glass, counter tops, bathrooms, and kitchen surfaces.

Mildly Scented Vinegar and Essential Oil Cleaning is a good rinse after using baking soda to clean surfaces, because it will remove any baking soda residue. Just spray on. Leave for few seconds and wipe clean with a hot, wet cloth. The vinegar will dissolve remaining baking soda from any surface leaving it sparkling clean and fresh.

This highly effective cleaner will replace a wide range high priced cleaners for a fraction of the cost. The ingredients are inexpensive and the essential oils will make many recipes of Mildly Scented Vinegar Essential Oil Cleaner.


Supply Kit:

Distilled white vinegar White distilled vinegar is easily found for less money at the grocery store.

Tea tree essential oil

Chose one or more of the following: Peppermint essential oilLemon essential oilLime essential oilOrange essential oil, Pine essential oilLavender essential oil

When essential oils are kept tightly closed and in a cool, dark place, they will last for many years.

Spray bottles Order as many as you need for the kitchen and each bathroom.


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