Thrifty Thursday: The Home Edition!

By Tabitha

I love shopping at Goodwill. They have awesome prices and I always find something cool! This goes for home goods and clothing. I was looking around my local Goodwill the other day when I found some quirky, fun items.

Number One: Globe Lamp!

Globe lamp Thirfty Thursday 2


This lamp is very unique and adds an adventurous, boho vibe to my bed. And, it was only $5!

It’s a full globe, that spins and everything. The thing that sets it apart from a common globe is that it lights up. I replaced my old, boring lamp with this one.


Number Two: Boho Tin Tray

Boho Tray Thrifty Thursday 1


When I was little, my family had several trays like this one. I loved the beautiful pictures and colors that they had; when I saw this for only 99¢ I had to buy it!

It’s not very big but it holds a couple of lotions and perfumes quite nicely!

Boho Tray Thrifty Thursday Lotions


Number Three: Wire birdhouse

Bird Cage Decorative Thirfty Thursday

This little birdhouse decoration is super cute; at first I was going to use it as a candle holder, but I can’t get the little door open so I decided to hang some of my dangly earrings on it instead!

I’m also thinking of filling it with yarn remnants and hanging it up outside so the birds can use the yarn in their nests.

Thrift stores have tons of cute items hiding in them; take some time to look through all the weird stuff and you can find some real gems! The more often you go just for fun, the more likely you are to discover some charming treasures to dress up your home.

Discovering quirky treasures to dress up your home with thrift shopping. Decorating your home on the cheap will keep you within budget without sacrificing beauty.

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