Discovering the Mind of a Woman: A Review

Discovering the mind of a Woman by Ken NairThe Key to Becoming a Strong and Irresistible Husband is: Discovering the Mind of a Woman, by Ken Nair is written to husbands, but it is full of information that can be useful to a wife as well. The premise behind this book is that most men think it is impossible to understand the mind of a woman and most women have trouble explaining what is going on in a way that their men can understand. Ken Nair has set out to solve these issues. He firmly believes that a man can understand the mind of a woman and he has proven this in his book.

Discovering the Mind of a Woman is based on Ken Nair’s personal experience in his marriage and that of his counseling ministry in which he has helped hundreds of men to learn how to understand their wives and to live with them in an understanding way.

Ken does this by using many scenarios to illustrate his points and to help couples understand what is really behind common conflicts. Discovering the Mind of a Woman can help a woman learn to communicate more effectively with her husband, by using Ken’s explanations, because Ken explains things so well and from a masculine point of view that a man will better relate to. Men often believe that it is impossible to understand women, but Ken lays out clearly how this can be done and how it will help a man in life, with his marriage, his wife, his family and probably even his career.

Yes, this is possible. If your husband will read this book on his own that would be good, but if not, he might consent to read it with you. In his book, “Discovering the Heart of a Man,” Ken suggests using this approach to encourage him to read it.

“The most successful approach is one in which he feels challenged. The wives who followed the suggestion I’m about to give you have all reported that their husbands read the book.” “Say to him, ‘I’ve heard not many men are man enough to read this book all the way through.’ (Use this exact wording.)”

I did not use that approach, but I did ask my husband if he would be interested in reading it with me and he was. We have both enjoyed reading it together. After 30 years of marriage, it has given us insights and ways to communicate that we had not previously discovered. It has also sparked some terrific conversations.

Even though Discovering the Mind of a Woman is written from a man’s perspective to men, there are key principles that will help you to more clearly understand the dynamics of various conflicts.

Ken makes it clear that these issues are not unusual – most marriages suffer from at least some of these issues. He makes recommendations for men, but a woman can learn how to approach her husband with her concerns and understand what his thinking is as well, because Ken explains not only the wife’s viewpoint and the husband’s as well.

If you don’t quite understand what is reasonable to expect from your husband or how to explain your needs to him or how to talk to him about your concerns, this book helps to put it into perspective and gives very practical solutions to common problems. You will learn what a correct response from your husband looks like.

If you don’t know what is and is not okay, it’s hard to set healthy boundaries. Ken makes it clear how a husband is supposed to treat his wife and how to know if his behavior is healthy or if you should be raising the bar of expectation.

Discovering the mind of a Woman by Ken NairI highly recommend this book. It would make a good engagement, wedding or anniversary gift. It would be useful for any stage of marriage and could even save some marriages. This book is written from a Christian perspective to teach men how to love their wives and to live with them in an understanding way, so they will have a happy marriage. Ken’s approach breaks from the standard Christian line on marriage and doesn’t even address roles in marriage. It is hands down the best book I have ever read on the subject and that is saying a lot, because I have read a lot of books on the subject of marriage. It teaches husbands how to truly listen to and understand their wives and to respond to her accordingly. Any couple, Christian or not could benefit from the principles outlined in this book.

To get your copy of this book, click here. By Cynthia DeWitte

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