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Melt Your Man’s Heart, by Randall E. Bennett, MA, LMFT, LCPC is a book written specifically for women who want a deeper relationship with their husbands, where the marital fire seems to need reigniting or she wants to learn how to draw her husband nearer.  I hesitated to purchase it thinking it might be a manipulation manual, but after reading through it, it is clear that this is not the case.

This book is about how to have a healthy marriage relationship and how to encourage your man to enter into a healthy relationship with you. There is nothing manipulative about that. Identifying the source of problems in the relationship and being willing to be the first to change in ways that will help heal and shape the relationship into something healthy and happy is a proactive approach to the marriage relationship. This manual teaches how to be true to yourself, as a woman, and make your man glad to be your husband by building him and encouraging him in ways he can relate to. As Randall Bennett states in his book, “You are not being selfish in trying to melt your husband’s heart, it is not manipulative. You are trying to improve your marriage so that you are both happy.”

Bennett is a counselor with 25 years of professional clinical/counseling experience. He uses his training and experience to teach you what the most common destructive marriage relationship patterns are, so you can clearly identify which ones are occurring in your marriage, then he tells you exactly what to do to stop them and get onto a healthy track.

Melt Your Man’s Heart explains how to treat your man and how to have a healthy relationship with him. Things we all should know, but they don’t come naturally, they must be learned. Many people are not specifically taught what goes into a healthy marriage relationship and how to keep it that way, but Randall Bennett has solved that problem. In a short book of 136 pages, plus a workbook, he covers the basics of how to treat a man with love and respect in ways that he can relate to and understand. This includes teaching on how to be assertive without being aggressive and at the same time building up and encouraging your man in doing what is right.

After over 25 years of marriage, I was surprised at  the things I knew in my head, but didn’t really understand in a way that I could apply it to my marriage and I consider myself to be pretty savvy. This book put those things together and opened my eyes to some pretty important concepts.

Melt Your Man’s Heart provides keys to recognizing unhealthy patterns that have developed in relationships and provides tools to not only recognize, but change unhealthy attitudes and behaviors. Once a woman changes her attitudes and behaviors that may be hindering the relationship, the husband is no longer responding to the same patterns, but to new healthy patterns instead.

This does not require her husband’s cooperation in working through a program. He begins to respond differently, because his wife has left the unhealthy patterns she has recognized and he no longer has the unhealthy patterns to respond to. It only takes one person to change the pattern.

Further, Bennett teaches how to stop responding to negativity in the same old ways and offers new, healthier ways to respond. It is a win – win situation.

I have written his review because I have enjoyed this book and believe it is an excellent resource for building a marriage up. When I was considering purchasing it, I could not find any objective reviews and think it is helpful to read what someone else thinks and has experienced about something before making a purchase. Once I had read the book and found it to be an excellent resource, I decided to become an affiliate of the company that puts this out, Marriage Sherpa. They have several excellent resources. My goal is to advertise only items that I personally believe will benefit my readers. This product has my whole hearted endorsement and I recommend it to any woman wanting to resolve negative patterns and to add spice to her marriage.

In the Melt Your Man’s Heart manual and in using the workbook, you will learn to identify how patterns and bad habits develop, to analyze how your spouse thinks and how you two think differently from one another, and techniques to improve communication and positive feelings in your marriage. Bennett emphasizes that good relationships don’t just happen. We have to take responsibly for our part and do the work to keep the marriage in good condition. If it has gotten to the point where you feel that your husband’s heart needs melting and you are willing to do the work that it takes to stop bad patterns and habits and to build your marriage, this book could be of great help to you. Your husband is likely to have a positive response and to begin to feel more secure and happier in your marriage, which will cause him to treat you like a gift and a treasure, because you are!


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By Cynthia DeWitte






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