Surviving in a Difficult Christian Marriage, Questions and Suggestions: A Review

Surviving in a Difficult Christian Marriage reviewSurviving in a Difficult Christian Marriage, Questions and Suggestions, by Elisabeth Klein offers practical answers for women in difficult Christian marriages. Elisabeth’s answers are Bible based and help women to navigate difficult marriages from all angles: spiritual, emotional and physical.

In Surviving a Difficult Christian Marriage, Elisabeth Klein covers over 60 topics. She draws on the Bible, conversations with wise Christians, personal experience and prayer for the answers she shares with her readers. Her recommendations are clear and practical, getting into the day to day life that a woman in a difficult marriage will encounter.

Here are a few of her titles:

  • Where is God?
  • Try Harder? Really??
  • Different Kinds of Lonely
  • Unfaithful and Won’t Leave
  • Ten Things To Do If You’re in a Funk

These are right down there with you in the trenches kinds of questions and answers. She is encouraging and helpful, just like a good friend who doesn’t talk bad about your husband, but she doesn’t encourage you to enable him in sin either. Instead she shows you how to cope, what to expect and what is and is not reasonable.

A lot of women in these situations get a standard answer of pray more, submit more, have sex more, etc. Elisabeth does not tell you any of that, except to stay in the word and prayer, while she also gives useful strategies for actually making change happen. Elisabeth provides answers that help move the situation forward rather than simply learning to cope with a bad situation. Sure, she gives coping suggestions, but she also gives recommendations on how to move out of the pain and into a healthier way of dealing with a bad marriage.

Many of her answers are based on her personal experience in a difficult marriage. She is honest and raw in her approach. Sometimes she is too hard on herself, but from reading her blog, I can see that her readers deeply connect with this side to her writing.

Elisabeth writes in a way that women can see that she truly understands where they are at. Readers constantly comment on her blog about how she brings comfort and gives them insight.  She uses this same approach in her books, which can reach right into the heart of a matter and bring a perspective from someone who has been there and done that. She writes from her heart and shares from a place of caring compassion for women navigating the rough waters of a tough marriage.

Despite having been in a difficult marriage that unfortunately ended in divorce, Elisabeth has a great respect for marriage and does not encourage women to give up easily. Rather she walks them through a process of how to deal with the issues and what to do if your spouse doesn’t repent. The point of her book is what to do when in a difficult marriage and options for getting some help as well as dispelling some myths, so that women can walk in truth and the power of God, rather than being beaten down and mistreated.

I would recommend this book to any woman who is suffering in her marriage who needs some good, solid advice on dealing with a bad situation in empowering and helpful ways that can bring about real change and relief.

Elisabeth also offers a private Facebook group for women in difficult marriages to find support and encouragement. To learn more you can contact Elisabeth at

To purchase Surviving in a Difficult Christian Marriage, Questions and Suggestions, click here for the Kindle book (which can be read on your computer with the Kindle app) or here for the book in PDF.

Elisabeth Klein is an author and speaker. She is available for women’s conferences. More information on that can be found by clicking here.

Review by Cynthia DeWitte

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