April: Showers and Sunshine

April Showers Tabitha 3

The thing about April is that it can be beautifully sunny and warm one second, and then cold and rainy the next.
My solution to this problem is to wear light, springtime clothes, for the warm parts of the day, layered with cardigans and scarves for when it gets cooler.

April Showers Tabitha 2

Here I’m wearing a thrifted sweater and tank top paired with a lace skirt from Forever 21, black boots I found at Ross and accessories from Target, (socks and umbrella) Urban Outfitters, (knuckle ring pictured in first photo) and a scarf I knit myself!

April Showers Tabitha

Outfits like this are super easy to put together – simply a skirt, tank top and sweater with a few accessories. It’s just as easy and breezy as the April weather!
Umbrella: Totes, found at Target
Earrings: Found at a local shop in Washington
Scarf: Handmade by me!
Tank top: hand me down
Cardigan: thrifted from Goodwill
Skirt: Forever 21 Similar
Socks: Target
Boots: Ross

Concept: How to dress for April weather when it changes back and forth from rain to sun all within the same day. Includes photos of a good outfit for April weather.


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