Comfy, Cute Homebody


My favorite outfits are the ones that are super comfortable, easy to wear and look great on me! I don’t think that many of you would disagree that those three things make a great outfit.


Now that I’ve finished school and am working only part time as a waitress I have lots of time that I spend at my house. It’s those days that comfort is as important as style. Even when I’m at home writing and editing photos, I don’t want to look frumpy!


That’s why I love outfits like this one. I paired a rib knit skirt that I made myself with a jersey knit black and white t-shirt. This is one of my most comfortable outfits; I love anything knit. It hangs like a breeze over most body types and has a laid-back chicness that can be unbeatable if worn correctly.


This is the perfect thing to wear when I’m working at home. It’s comfy, cute, and casual!


A beautiful chair and a knitting project is always helpful for making days relaxing.

Outfit Details

T-shirt: $5.00 at Ross
Skirt: Free, made with gifted fabric
Socks: $12 Nordstrom

Total Cost: $17


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