Dressing for a Walk in the Park

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One of the best ways to beat boredom is to explore your local parks! One of my favorites, near my house, has a lake, creek, forest, meadow lands, and a disc golf course! I decided to take a walk around the creek the other day to beat boredom that was creeping around me.


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It was a little chilly so I decided to wear my cardigan from Pac Sun and some jeans I thrifted from Plato’s closet.
I am a huge fan of simple outfits that are comfy and easy to put together. Because of this, I own way too many cardigans and t-shirts. It’s easy to put together a casual, cute outfit when I’m feeling lazy, or if I’m in a hurry.


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Top: Ross, $4.00
Jeans: Plato’s closet, I have had them for a while but I think they were only $7.00
Cardigan: gifted to me but originally from Pac Sun
Belt: Khols, $14.00
Scarf: Handmade by me! $28 for the materials
Shoes: converse, $50.00
Total cost of the outfit: $ 103
Approximate cost of outfit without thrifting anything: $161

Concepts: Pick a cute outfit for a lazy day walk in the park. Breakdown on cost included.


By Tabitha

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