How to Apply Mineral Concealer and Mineral Foundation

In this makeup application demonstration, Tabitha is using Terra Firma Cosmetics Ultra Foundation in shade “Perfect” and Terra Firma Cosmetics Eliminate Mineral Concealer in shade “Light/Medium.”

We use Terra Firma Cosmetics makeup because it is safe for your skin and your body. This high quality makeup will have you looking like you are wearing a high priced brand, but it is reasonably priced for the average woman. believes that what you put on your skin can be absorbed, which can impact your entire body. Terra Firma Cosmetics provides pure, natural and non-toxic makeup that is good for your body.

Transcript of video tutorial.

Hi, welcome to

Today I am going to show you how to properly apply mineral foundation.

My name is Tabitha DeWitte.

So today I am using Terra Firma Ultra Performing Minerals in shade Perfect.

The first thing you need to make sure of when you are applying mineral foundation is that you have a clean, moisturized face. You always have to moisturize before you put on mineral foundation, otherwise it could look flaky, because your skin is dry and flaky.

You need a couple of things before you start.

First of all you will probably need some concealer.   I like to use mineral concealer  because it goes really well with my mineral foundation.  Obviously you need the foundation.  You need a kabuki brush , which is a special brush  for mineral foundation exclusively. It’s short and it always looks like this. I recommend looking for a really soft brush, because you have to push it on your skin, like that (Tabitha demonstrates). Otherwise it can prickle your skin and it hurts. I’m also using a concealer brush like this.

The first thing you do is put concealer on. What I do is put a little bit of concealer on. You really don’t need that much, like maybe (Tabitha holds up the brush to show the amount) that much and then you kind of swirl it into your skin all over all of your blemishes. As you can see, I have a couple of blemishes. On my forehead I have some pimples here. Just kind of smooth over. Now when you put on the concealer, it’s not going to completely cover the blemishes because that’s part of your foundation’s job as well. No need to cover your blemishes all the way, because you’re human. What you’re going to do is to continue to swirl it all over. You can put this concealer, which is also from Terra Firm Cosmetics, you can put it all over any of the blemishes that you might have. It also works great as an under-eye concealer.

Just kind of dot it and shake it and smooth it like that. (Tabitha demonstrates procedure.) Do the other eye too.

Continue to go over all your blemishes until you are satisfied with what your skin looks like, so you will be able to apply your foundation. Great!

So once you are done with that, you are going to take just a little foundation and you are going to tap it into your cap. You tap, hmm, I like to do about two taps and you go like that. (Tabitha shows how to get foundation into cap without making a mess.) See just about that much. Take your kabuki brush and your press and swirl it into the cap and you work all of the foundation  into the brush. At the end your cap looks like this (Tabitha holds up cap to show) and your foundation brush (Tabitha holds up the brush.) –  should be pretty much worked into the brush so you can’t really see it, which is totally fine.

How to apply it to your skin: I first start on my forehead. I start mid-forehead and I swirl out into my hairline. Then take it and go on the other side. I usually do about twice on my forehead.

(Tabitha takes out the foundation and puts more in the cap. She demonstrates filling brush with foundation again.)  I swirled a little bit too much this time, so don’t take all of it into the brush if you put in too much, cause then you will have too much makeup on.

Swirl out like that. (Tabitha demonstrates.) You don’t have to press very hard. Just a little bit of pressure will do ya just fine!

This foundation is great because it’s a really, really good coverer for your skin. It works really well.

(Tabitha shows adding more foundation to the kabuki brush.) Always swirl when you’re working it into the brush.

Start down here. (Tabitha shows where to place brush on her face.) You always swirl out back into your hairline and by your ear. Keep on doing that until you’ve covered your entire face.

If you have put too much onto your brush you can always just tap the excess. (Tabitha taps brush into lid to show how to release powder from the kabuki brush.)

If you add too much makeup to your skin, you’ll have to take it off. It’s easier to not add enough makeup to your skin, because you can always put on more.

Really work the foundation into your skin because you’re going to want to make sure that all of your makeup is buffed, so that you don’t have weird kind of color discrepancies (variations) on your skin. Make sure all of your skin is the same color.

Work the brush over your neck a little bit. You don’t have to go all the way down, but make sure that your face matches your neck and the rest of your skin cause you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a mask.

Mineral foundation  is all about looking naturally beautiful. The look you want to obtain is going to be a natural look. Make sure that all of your skin is the same color and that all of it is smoothed out beautifully.


As you can see now that my foundation  is all finished my skin looks smoother, my blemishes are concealed and you can’t see them as much.

Thank you so much for watching Feel free to check around our website for more tutorials. We will have some for videos for you and we have some fashion articles.

Thank you. Have a great day.

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