Middle Ages Inspired Dress

Middle Ages Inspired Dress 1

Have you ever seen those booths at the fair with those kind of odd, yet pretty hippie dresses? Well, my fiancé bought me one the other day!

Middle Ages Inspired Dress 3  

As we walked past the booth, the beautiful, beet red color of this dress struck me. It was so lovely! I love almost anything with a boho, hippie vibe so this is right up my alley. I love that it also has a step back in time, Middle Ages feel to it with lacing up the front, scrolling embroidery, a feminine cut to the bodice, and a full skirt.

Middle Ages Inspired Dress 2  

I feel like I could go to a summer solace festival in the Middle Ages!

 Middle Ages Inspired Dress 4  

I added some layered necklaces and a flower crown I made (click here for tutorial) and it is the perfect summer outfit! By Tabitha If your company would be interested in being featured on our website, please contact us for a free consultation. We would be glad to discuss whether your product might be a good fit for our readers and whether we would be able to review it. You can contact us at admin@thefemininereview.com.    

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Concepts: Pretty summer dress with a Middles Ages inspiration. This type of dress is often found at ethnic and farmer’s markets or fairs.


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