Out on the Boardwalk

Out on the Boardwalk outfit 3


There is almost nothing I love more than a walk on the boardwalk during a sunny day. I love to watch the birds play and see the occasional otter peak its head out of the water. The sun warms my shoulders as the light breeze twirls my skirt around my knees.


Out on the Boardwalk outfit 2


The perfect outfit for a day like this is a light sundress, paired with casual tennis shoes and sunglasses! An effortlessly cute outfit that is a cinch to put together. This ensemble is as comfortable as it is versatile.

Just by changing my jewelry and putting some heels on instead of the tennis shoes, this could be transformed into a look to wear at an evening spring garden party. With tennis shoes, post earrings, and some other casual accessories however, this is perfect for a day in the sun with friends!


Out on the Boardwalk outfit 1


I am a huge fan of simple outfits; this one certainly fits the bill. Finding a couple sundresses that fit you well and don’t require a lot of prep work (like ironing) can make life so much easier on those days when you want to have fun and look cute, but don’t want to take more than twenty minutes to get ready.

Here’s a close up of those earrings I was wearing and you can purchase them here!

Sundress: Target, $20.00
Sunglasses: Forever 21, $5.00
Earrings: Made by me but can be purchased in my etsy store
Shoes: Keds, purchased on sale at Macys, $14.00
Necklace: Reptile Gardens Gift Shop in South Dakota, $20.00
Watch: Vintage, found at an antique shop $7.00 plus $30.00 for repair
Total Cost: $96.00

Concepts: Choosing a cute outfit for a warm day outside. Cost breakdown included.

By Tabitha
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