Terra Firma Cosmetics Multi-Task Satin Mineral Eye Color: A Review

laurel satin mineral eye color Terra Firma CosmeticsGood eye shadow can be hard to come by. It is difficult to find shades that are highly pigmented as well as long lasting.Terra Firma Cosmetics has multi-tasking powders which work for eye shadow, eyeliner, blush and can be mixed with lip gloss to make lip color too! I was instantly drawn to the Laurel shade of the powder, because of its rich purple color and high pigmentation.

Packaging: 8.5 out of 10. It comes in a clear plastic container with an easy twist off lid. There is enough room between the filter and the top rim of the container to hold some powder without it spilling over. The sticker that covers the filter is hard to get off because there is no tab. Because the container is small, it is difficult to get your fingers inside to pull the sticker off.  It took me a while to pull it off and when I finally did, I spilled some powder on my fingers.

Quality: 9.5 out of 10 for its lovely consistency and color. It can be applied dry for a subtle daytime look or wet for a dramatic effect.  It is a little difficult to spread when it’s wet, so I had to apply two coats. Terra Firma Cosmetics are made to be completely safe and non-toxic.

Laurel is an incredibly pigmented color that lasts for hours. It would look great on most skin tones and would show up even if you had very dark skin. I applied it in the late afternoon and it lasted until late into the evening with only mild fading. It didn’t fall under my eyes or smudge too much, so it still looked good after I got off of work.

Feb 11 2014

Ease of Use: 10 out of 10. This powder is extremely silky. It goes on easily and blends well using a blending brush.  Because it is a loose color, I do recommend tapping the excess powder off the brush so it does not fall onto your cheeks.

Price: 10 out of 10. The container of shadow is $8.99, which is only a little bit more expensive than eye shadow that you would get from the drugstore. It is designer quality at a competitive price.

Overall: 38 out of 40 for its great wear, durability and application ease. The color is beautiful and is priced competitively. The packaging is easy to use and fits nicely into my makeup organizer. I definitely recommend Terra Firma Satin Shadow Multi-Taking Powder.

You can purchase your own here!

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By Tabitha

The laurel multi-task was provided by Terra Firma Cosmetics specifically for this review.

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