Thrifty Thursday: Belted Style Shift

60s style shift orange dress (3)By Tabitha

One of the keys to thrifty shopping is looking for clothes often. Sale items and consignment goods have a high turnover rate which means that the merchandise on the shelves is always changing. I got this awesome orange shift dress from my grandmother. She was out shopping the sale racks with one of her friends and she spied this lovely dayglow number.

I have a propensity for the color orange and my attitude towards it is, YES YES YES! She was at Penny’s and scored it for me.

Of course, I was elated when she brought it home to me. The only thing was that the dress was a touch too big for me and shift dresses aren’t the best shape on me.

60s style shift orange dress (2)

“But the dress looks great!” You say. Well my lovely reader; If there is a garment too big or rather unshapely on me, I always turn to my handy-dandy WAIST BELT.

60s style shift orange dress (3)

Waist belts are the secret weapon of all savvy, thrifty fashionistas. If you have not already, I strongly suggest that you invest in one… or two… or three… or however many you think would be prudent to add into your wardrobe. (Which could be a million since they are so darn cute.)

To make this dress really shine with an ace 60’s vibe I paired it with some perfectly round sunnies and some vintage kicks.

60s style shift orange dress (4)

Here’s a run-down of what was paid for the outfit: Dress: $4.00 (JC Penny’s)

Vintage belt: FREE (From my mother)

Tights:$14.00 (Fred Meyer)

Necklace: Gift

Sunnies: $1.00 (Goodwill)

Shoes: FREE (from Psychic Sister Thrift Shop)

TOTAL COST: $19.00

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