Thrifty Thursday: Five Tips For Successful Thrift Shopping

By Tabitha

Blue dress                A common complaint I hear from people regarding thrifty shopping is that they just can’t find anything cute! I am complimented on the outfits that I wear and some people have assumed that I must shop at obscure shops and spend a ridiculous amount of money on my clothing, however, this is far from the truth. I actually shop at relatively run of the mill stores and I spend fractions of what my outfits would have cost me if they had been purchased at full price.

                I usually shop at stores like the Goodwill, the local mall and other local second hand stores.  Whereas some people will try the Goodwill  once or twice to find something and don’t find anything, I frequent these stores. Here are  FIVE tips to finding some really cute clothes for fractions of what it would originally cost you!

1.       Go thrift shopping OFTEN. The thing about thrift shopping is that the merchandise changes often. Especially for bigger stores like Goodwill or Value Village, the stuff that they have changes often and you will find new things every time you go. 

2.       Know what you are looking for but keep an open mind Thrift shops can be overwhelming for people who are just starting off. I suggest that you keep a rough idea of what you are looking for but keep an open mind. Since these stores don’t have a set sort of merchandise, and a lot of second hand stores don’t have a certain style, it can be difficult to find a sweater or any other article of clothing that is exactly what you are looking for. You should know what you want in terms of generality. i.e. a baggy, fall colored sweater or a long purple dress. This will make it easier for you to know what to look for and where to look but still have room to find some great items! 

3.       Try on things that are out of your comfort zone Sometimes I will see something that I am not particularly fond of but when I try it on it becomes my new favorite item! That’s how I found this dress. I always get compliments on it and it is so much fun to wear!



4.       Don’t be afraid to alter Even if a piece is too big, has a hole or a stain on it, it still has potential! Learning basic sewing skills is a really good idea. You can cut and hem dresses, pants, shirts with only a pair of scissors, an iron and a needle and thread. Even if you don’t sew something to make it different, you can use pretty pins to change the shape of garments or use the ever popular belting method. This dress was originally long and unshapely but I loved the pattern! So I bought it anyway and changed it into a completely different garment.


IMG_9964IMG_0009 (2)










5.       Have fun! Thrift shopping should always be fun. Go into it with an open mind and enough time to browse and you will definitely come out with some awesome finds! Who doesn’t like finding unique and beautiful clothing while keeping your wallet happy at the same time? Looking good doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg!
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