Thrifty Thursday: How to Keep Your Clothes Looking Nice For a Long Time

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There is a usual routine that we get used to with our clothing. It’s worn, thrown off, stuffed into a laundry basket, put into the washer and dryer and finally, put away. For some articles of clothing, this is a fine routine and it doesn’t matter if they follow this routine for their whole lives. Granted, the clothes that are fine with this routine are the clothes that you wouldn’t really care if they lasted long or not.

Part of being thrifty is spending as little money as possible on good items. If we treat our clothing badly, they won’t last as long and we have to keep spending money on buying new clothes that wear out within a year or so. The colors become faded, threads are sticking out everywhere and they can get misshapen or shrunken.  Luckily, there are tons of things that you can do in order to keep your clothes in great condition for a long time!

One of the biggest things that you can do to keep your clothes looking new is to simply trim the threads that naturally come loose. Using special scissors called thread snips or detail scissors help to insure that the threads will be clipped cleanly without fraying the edges. These scissors are not expensive.



thread snips

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scissors detail scissors

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I snipped the loose threads on this shirt sleeve and it looks way better!



















Another easy thing you can do to keep your clothes looking new and pristine is to PRESS THEM! I cannot tell you how many times I see people wearing clothes that badly need to be ironed. Ironing does not take that long, and often times you don’t even have to iron the whole thing! Sometimes just a seam or two is fine. This dress for instance:



This dress’ collar needed to be pressed so it would stand up instead of flopping over.




It took me about 30 seconds to make it lay right.


My last tip of the day is to only use your dryer when necessary! The dryer breaks down the structure, elasticity and quality of the materials in your garments. When you do use the dryer, set it on medium or low, never on high. I dry my pants, some dresses and some skirts but I always lay or hang my sweaters, delicates and intimates to dry them.

You can hang them on a simple hanger like this:


Most clothes should be laid flat to dry. In the case that you want to do this, you could invest in a foldup drying rack like this:


As you can see, there are many inexpensive, easy things that you can do to keep your clothes in good condition for a long while. Most of these things take less than five minutes to preform and they make a lasting difference. If you do these simple things for your clothes often, you will find yourself needing new clothing less and less! Not only that, but it’s good for the environment to make things last and to take care of what we already have.


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