Thrifty Thursday: Velvet Semi-Formal

By Tabitha

I bought this dress at a Goodwill store near my home. I saw it, and thought it was really cute, but decided not to purchase it. A few days later, I found myself at the same Goodwill store and decided to look for the dress because I was still thinking about it. Usually when you decide not to purchase something at a thrift store but change your mind later, it is too late because it has already been sold. However! This time was an exception; the dress was still there! I tried it on and of course decided that the dress had been waiting for me, so I bought it. The dress was $8.00 at Goodwill but the cost would have been around $50.00 brand new. The tights were $8.00 The boots I got from at 50% off! They were originally $120, but I got them for $60.  I also wore a vintage watch that I was given, but the estimated cost of the watch would have been around $150. The necklace was a gift as well. Overall, I paid $76 for the entire outfit! When the costs of the items new are counted up, the outfit would have cost me around $325.00! Now that’s what I call thrifty! If you keep a lookout for great pieces, you can find some fantastic deals. This outfit can be worn to semi-formal events and it cost me less than $80.00 for the entire thing!


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