Tutorial: How to Make a Flower Crown

Tabitha Tutorial How to Make a Flower Crown

Flower Crowns are a super cute boho trend that has been going around lately. They are so versatile and cute, you can wear them with anything! I love to wear them as a whimsical addition to virtually any outfit and you can wear them all year ‘round depending on what colors of silk flowers you use.

I’ve also seen them in weddings worn by the bride or the bridesmaids. The only problem with silk flower crowns is that they can be so expensive! It’s way cheaper to make them yourself and they can be very simple and just as cute If you have the correct supplies.

How to Make a Flower Crown Tutorial 1


  • Thick, floral wire – can be found at most craft stores, I got mine at Michaels for around $4.00
  • Thin, Green wire or floral tape – Can also be found at craft stores mine was around $3.00
  • Silk Flowers – These are usually the most expensive component but you can get them on sale!
  • Thin piece of elastic
  • Wire Cutters – Buy these either at craft stores or hardware stores


Tutorial How to Make a Flower Crown 2


  1. Use the wire cutters to separate the silk flowers from the base of the arrangement. Cut the stems rather long so you will have lots of room to work with.
  2. Measure around your head with a tape measure or a string.
  3. Cut the wire a little shorter than the measurement so that you can finish the back of the crown with elastic.
  4. Arrange the cut flowers around the wire in order to get an idea of the pattern you would like the flowers to be in.
  5. Once you have the arrangement decided on, begin to attach the flowers by wrapping the thin wire or floral tape around the stems. Cut the stems as short as you need them to be once you have them wrapped enough for them to stay. Then, wrap them a little more so that they stems won’t poke you in the head.Tutorial How to Make a Flower Crown 3
  6. Once you are done, cut all the loose wires and make sure that they are arranged in a way that won’t poke you while you are wearing it.
  7. Use your wire cutters or use some needle nose pliers to twist the ends of the thick wire into loops.Tutorial How to Make a Flower Crown 4
  8. Tie the elastic to the loops and cut off the loose ends.Tutorial How to Make a Flower Crown 5

Tutorial How to Make a Flower Crown 6

Enjoy your cute, new accessory and enjoy telling people that you made it when they complement you!


Tutorial How to Make a Flower Crown Tabitha


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by Tabitha Photos by Marissa DeWitte and Tabitha DeWitte

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