Urban Decay Deluxe Eye Shadow Box: a review

Urban Decay Eye Shadow

By Tabitha

The Deluxe Eye Shadow Box from Urban Decay arrived about four days after I ordered it online. It came in a regular brown cardboard box but the eye shadow case was nestled in a beautiful arrangement of purple tissue paper. The pallet’s case is a fuzzy, purple velvety suede framing a metal mesh in the center of the box.  When opened, the box displays nine shades of Urban Decay’s most popular colors: Fishnet, Honey, Ransom, Graffiti, Zero, Peace, Shag, Scratch, and Underground.

I decided to try out Urban Decay because it has a stunning reputation. I had heard great things about its pigmentation, smoothness and quality of materials. Most of Urban Decay’s products are vegan and are never tested on animals. It received PETA’S fifth annual Best Cruelty-Free cosmetics line award.

The eye shadow shades are arranged in an easy to access pattern so that you can clearly determine which shade you want to use. The large mirror in the lid allows you to apply your eye shadow on the go! elf eye shadow brushThe pallet comes with two foam applicators, but I didn’t use them because I don’t like foam applicators; I find that they hold too much shadow in them and don’t leave enough shadow on my eyelid. Instead, I used the E.L.F. brand eye shadow brush.



At first look, I saw that the colors are highly pigmented. The question is, “do they stay pigmented when applied?”  I used the primer that came as a free sample before applying the eye shadow and it worked beautifully. It kept my shadow smooth as I put it on, and helped it to stay longer. 

The eye shadow was true to the coloring in the pallet when I applied it. It was easy to put on, the colors glided on smoothly and didn’t feather too much However, I do recommend using an eye shadow shield under your eyes because it does fall out of the brush when it’s being applied, especially if you don’t tap the brush before applying. An eye shadow shield is a curved, plastic piece that you hold under your eye while applying eye shadow and it catches the falling shadow. Other than the fact that it falls all over the place, I LOVE this eye shadow. The colors are rich and stay on for a very long time (at least they do when I use my primer and a setting spray made to set makeup).  I have used it without primer and setting spray; the eye shadow isn’t as bright and it tends to migrate under my eyes after a few hours. This is normal with most eye shadows though and it is easily prevented with primer and E.L.F. Makeup Mist Setting Spray.


All in all, I really like this eye shadow. It’s beautifully pigmented, it goes on well, stays on for a long time with the proper help and it’s vegan! Urban Decay products are never tested on animals. I would recommend Urban Decay to anyone!

By Tabitha
Tabitha is the Fashion and Style writer at The Feminine Review; bringing out the natural beauty in women. She has a natural creative talent for all things beauty related.

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