What to Wear: Visit to Vance Creek Bridge


Black Jeans Crop Top Tabitha

There is an old railway bridge about an hour away from where I live called The Vance Creek Bridge. It’s recently become a popular place to visit since it is no longer used in the rail system. I have wanted to go since I started seeing many pictures of the place on Instagram and took the opportunity of a lazy Sunday afternoon to do so!

The weather was a little bit muggy so I wore a short sleeved crop top, black jeans (that I borrowed from my sister), Converse shoes, and a pink beanie that I made.

Crop Top Black Jeans Tabitha


I was wearing this flower crown before it got chilly. Outfits like this are some of my favorites because they are cute, and totally practical. I hate sitting still or not being able to move around with complete freedom, so outfits that are restricting are usually no go’s for me.


Vance Creek  Bridge


The bridge is the second tallest bridge built for trains in the United States. It sits 315 feet up off the ground and spans a rushing creek and a beautiful evergreen forest.

You have to be careful when walking though because there are no handrails!

Description:  What to wear for a visit to Vance Creek Bridge in Washington State. Fun, comfortable clothes for a Sunday stroll 315 feet above the creek.

By Tabitha ~~~ Photos by Marissa DeWitte

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