Breast Lifting Exercises

For older women who want to lift their breasts, these exercises may be the answer. These might also be generally helpful to women with heavier breasts who need more support. When we strengthen the muscles that are supposed to lift and support our breast, it can help reduce pain associated with heavy breasts.


Do these exercises at your own risk. does not endorse any fitness routine. We simply share this for your enjoyment and information. If you are injured doing any of these exercises, we cannot be held liable. Anything you do has an element of danger from driving a car to walking down the street. I even burned myself making dinner. So be smart when you exercise. Don’t push yourself beyond your limit, but take it at a pace that your body can handle.



Breast Lift Exercises




2 Simple breast lift Exercises without weights




3 Simple Breast Lift Exercises with weights




No weight breast lift workout




Good exercise to open up the chest and lift the breasts – The Wall Slide