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Advertising and Links Policy

TheFeminineReview.com frequently posts links to products and websites. Most of these products and websites are affiliate links where TheFeminineReview.com makes a commission. This includes, but is not limited to, all Amazon.com, iherb.com, and Marriage Sherpa links are affiliate links.

When we post a link, it is because we think that our readers may be interested in that product. In the case of an article, I may do the research on items, so the reader doesn’t have to and will link to that product. This doesn’t necessarily mean that contributors to TheFeminineReview.com have used that specific product.

An example would be an article that may include supplies to complete a project or recipe. In order to assist readers in finding products, we may do a search and see what is available on Amazon.com or elsewhere for the items that are needed. I may have purchased the items locally or through a company like Azure Standard. ( https://www.azurestandard.com/ ) Whenever possible, I don’t want my readers wondering where on earth they are going to find the things we write about. Azure Standard is not available to everyone, but Amazon.com is and any other internet source I may link to will also be accessible to most of our readers. The idea is to help people find what they need.

Another reason why I would post a link to a product that I had not specifically used would be to show an example of what I am writing about. When Tabitha wrote about air drying clothes, I did a search for drying racks and found one that people could look at. We use a drying rack all the time, but the specific one that we use was purchased long ago at a local store, so I looked on Amazon to find a good example of what Tabitha was referring to.

If a link is posted, it is likely that whoever is writing has either used that specific product or one by another brand. If we can’t find the exact same item, we will find something similar. For example, when I posted about xanthan gum, I posted two brands that I researched. One brand I use and the other I haven’t tried, but I researched it thoroughly, to the point of speaking with a company representative to know what I was recommending.

Our product reviews are different than general links. We have always used what we are reviewing. For further information see our review policy on this same page below.

TheFeminineReview.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.

If you have any questions about our policy, please post in the comments section or contact us at admin@thefemininereview.com.


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Review and Giveaway Policy

Reviews on TheFeminineReview.com may be written by me, Cynthia DeWitte, or by contributing writers. When TheFeminineReview.com publishes a review, it is normally because we have found something we really like and we want to share it with our readers. Sharing something we think will benefit others and writing about it is part of our mission.

Occasionally you might find a negative review, if I find something that I think our readers ought to be aware of, so you do not join in the misery that I experienced. In other words, it would have to be so bad that I considered it worth a warning. TheFeminineReview.com reserves the right to warn readers about any product that could be considered dangerous, fraudulent, or an otherwise wasteful purchase.

Sometimes I might hate something that other people might love or have a good experience with. If it’s something subjective or something that can vary from person to person, I wouldn’t want to write a negative review. I just wouldn’t write a review at all.

That is why most of my reviews will be positive. It’s all about encouraging, blessing and informing the wonderful readers of TheFeminineReview.com.

If I am approached by a company to review a product, TheFeminineReview.com policy is to try it for long enough to make a reasonable judgment about the product. For example, if I were to try a skin care product, it would probably take a month before I could make a proper evaluation, unless it caused an adverse reaction. In that case, I would not normally write a review on it. Just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean it won’t work for others. Some things are perfectly fine and even healthy for others that might cause a reaction for me. An example is celery. Celery is generally a health promoting food, but I’m allergic. I wouldn’t recommend that everyone stop eating celery due to my allergy.

If I accept a request to review a product, my acceptance is based on the fact that if it doesn’t work for me, or I don’t like the product, I will not review it. There will be no further obligation to the company that supplied the product or to TheFeminineReview.com or our contributing writers. In the case that a company sent me something to review and it did not work for me, I would inform the company of why I could not endorse the product.

The same would be true for a giveaway. I would only give away products that I or contributors to TheFeminineReview.com like. In some cases, I may not have tried the exact color or model. An example would be, if we were giving away foundation, the recipient would choose a foundation that worked for her. Her skin tone and type may be quite different from mine, so I would not have tried her color or the type for her skin type and skin tone, but would have used the product matched to my skin.

Another example would be a blender. I may recommend a particular brand of blender, but obviously I couldn’t try out every blender that brand makes. A case would be in recommending Blendtec. I love my Blendtec blender, but I have only actually used one model. I would still recommend Blendtec as a whole, because I have one. In general, I would recommend a high speed blender of any brand, because they all do the same thing, but I would only review a brand that I had actual experience with.

However, I would consider a giveaway for something that has an excellent reputation, even if I had not tried it. Back to blenders, if someone offered to donate a Vitamix, I would have to say “yes,” because I have thoroughly investigated Vitamix, have seen it in action at store demonstrations and know it is an excellent product, even though I have not personally used one. I mean how could I turn that down for our readers!

Another possibility would be that someone else at TheFeminineReview.com had tried and liked that product. Tabitha wears her makeup differently than I do, so she may have used a different product that wasn’t suited to my taste or color palate. It doesn’t have to be me, Cynthia, personally, but one of the other contributors to TheFeminineReview.com that has tried and liked the product.

This applies to anything we review. Our book reviews are only written by people who have read the book. Our makeup reviews are only written by people who have used the makeup. Our appliance reviews are only written by people who have used the appliance. There are any number of things that we might think our readers are interested in, but all of them are tried by the person who is writing the review.
If you are a reader who is interested in certain types of products and would like to see reviews for something, let us know. We love to hear your ideas and suggestions.

If your company would be interested in being featured on our website, please contact us for a free consultation. We would be glad to discuss whether your product might be a good fit for our readers and whether we would be able to review it. You can contact us at admin@thefemininereview.com.