Writer’s Guidelines

The Feminine Review is geared towards women who are thoughtful and interested in a variety of topics from personal growth and health to style and fashion to family life and homeschooling. We cover a wide variety of topics that pertain to today’s woman.

Articles should be uplifting and informative.

We encourage women in their Christian faith and a Biblical world view. Articles do not need to be overtly Christian, however, submissions that advance a worldview contrary to Christianity will not be considered.

Different perspectives are valued in many areas, so our authors may not hold the same opinions on everything. This will be reflected when one article may have one point of view and another article will come from a different perspective, thus offering differing opinions on some topics.

Suggested topics:

Career development

Caring for elderly parents


Food and cooking

Healthy relationships


Marriage topics

Natural and healthy living


Personal growth

Short inspirational biographies of courageous women of character. Well written pieces by students will be considered.

Working from home

Short stories related to the above topics in a fresh, positive tone. No fantasy, science fiction or sexual situations.

All topics should be suitable for viewing by general audiences. 

Facts must be accompanied by documented sources. 

At this time, submissions are unpaid. Writers are encouraged to include a bio and a link to their blog or website.

Submissions should be sent to: editor@thefemininereview.com